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    Our Mission

    We are a small company that understands there are many problems our planet is facing. Humans pollute, kill & destroy everything in our paths. 

    We believe this is not due to our nature as deep down most people are good with kind hearts. We believe most are simply unaware of the issues our planet is facing.

    This is not anyone's fault, as they have not been made aware. We believe by reaching as many people as we can, showing them there are other alternatives out there, it will start something — the beginning of awareness, however small it may be.

    We hope to spark the "Baader-Meinhof phenomenon" or "frequency illusion"

    This is when you learn something new & it stays fresh in your mind. You begin to pay more attention to the thing you have just seen or learned; because of this, you see it more often when going about your daily life.

    This is what happens when you learn a new word & now begin to hear that word used much more often.

    How we can help save our planet together. 

    We have a strong simple mission; we will help spread compassion & awareness of these problems our world is facing, one brush at a time. 

    We believe if more people were aware of what is being done to our planet, many more would take action to stop it.

    We can all agree the big conglomerates are the main polluters worldwide; many people see this & think they don't stand a chance of changing it.

    We, the people, have all the power.

    We are the ones these factories & corporations produce everything for; if we want something changed, they will do it.     


    Spread awareness. One brush at a time.

    We're a small company starting one step at a time.

    We are far from perfect. We have much improving to do & are fully committed to making a positive impact.

    We have big plans and a clear vision of what we want to achieve through excellent customer support & helping our planet.