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Going Out Of Business Sale! | All Sales Final.


    1. What are your bristles made of?

    Currently our bristles are still Nylon based. Sadly the only alternative we've been able to find to this that matches affordability, durability & clean is pig/hog/boar hair. This option is generally very unpleasant & unpopular with most making it a difficult transition.

    We are constantly looking for a greener option & have the hope of investing in one ourselves as we continue to grow! 😊

    2. Won't it mold & give you splinters?

    We believe strongly in the quality of our brushes; we guarantee no splinters or your money back! 

    We have found the mold question to vary depending on each individual. We recommend drying off your brush after use & placing it in a dry spot to fully ensure this does not occur.

    3. How can i dispose of my brush?

    Please See "Proper Disposal"

    The handle will return to nature within a few years however the bristles we have found best to be sent away along with other plastic bathroom bi-products to TerraCycle for a chance of proper disposal or binned to be sent off to a landfill. 

    4. What about the Pandas?

    All the Pandas will be okay! We currently use one of the many species of bamboo pandas do not use for food to create our brushes. China is also in the process of creating a giant sanctuary for our beloved Pandas!

    5. Where are you located?

    We are located out of Houston, Texas & have begun to distribute out of the states with a small amount of stock whilst we work towards bringing over much more.

    6. How long will it take to get my brushes?

    It will take between 2 - 7 business days for most packages to arrive depending on method chosen. There are good odds it will arrive on time however there is the possibility of delays due to customs, holidays, weather & other factors, unfortunately, out of our control, if you do happen to run into any delays please reach out to us as we are more than happy to assist!

    7. Won't this add onto deforestation?

    Bamboo is currently the world's fastest renewing natural resource making it the perfect candidate for our brushes! 

    8. Can a toddler use one of your brushes?

    As long as your little one is old enough to brush with a standard plastic toothbrush they will be safe to brush with a bamboo brush. We use the same quality bristles as that of Colgate; the only different from a plastic brush is the handle which is comprised of bamboo resulting in the brush being 95% Eco-friendly.

    9. How is a Toothbrush going to change anything?

    We hope to show people there are other options out there that will not harm the planet. We want to help them become more aware of the problems our planet is facing.

    We intend to use the "Baader–Meinhof effect"

    This is what happens when you buy a new car/shoes/shirt/etc & now all of a sudden everyone on the road decided to also buy the same thing you did.

    Once your brain takes an action it becomes much more aware. This results in an increase of focus & the result of noticing it much more.